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Email: diana@arbellagardens.co.uk

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General Services

Garden alterations and restorations

Sometimes a full garden design is not required. We can help with renovating your garden, replanting areas and working with your existing garden to help you to realise it's potential.

Planting plans and plants supplied

We can prepare detailed plans for your whole garden or maybe just a border. Plants will be chosen which will be suited to your conditions, your style of garden and the level of maintenance needed.

If required we can supply the plants for your design at a very competitive price and will complete the planting for you.

Horticultural advice for your garden

We have a wealth of horticultural knowledge and are happy to provide consultations on how to develop your garden or deal with problem areas.

Having renovated a Victorian kitchen garden we can also provide advice with vegetable and fruit growing if you need some help getting started.

Wildlife Management

With a background in conservation work we can help with promoting biodiversity and sustainability in gardens and surrounding land. We have been involved with managing woodland and hay meadows in sites of SSSI and in the Peak District.


Permaculture involves working with nature to develop sustainable ways of living. Our training in this area means we can design and develop gardens and manage land using these principles.


We can carry out one off tidy-ups or provide a more regular maintenance service. We can provide lawn care, renovative and routine pruning of plants, trees and shrubs as well as weeding and more general maintenance.