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Design and Build

We offer a complete design and build service.  This includes the initial design, project management and making sure you garden continues to look good with expert aftercare.

Garden Design

The design will involve some or all of the following stages depending on your requirements:

Initial Consultation (free of charge)

The design process starts with an initial consultation in order to get an idea of what you are looking for and to discuss any specific requirements you may have with regards to the space in question.

Site Survey

The next stage is to do a survey and site analysis of your garden. This involves assessing features and conditions that already exist in your garden and recording shapes and levels at the same time. It enables a detailed survey drawing to be produced which will be the starting point of the design.

Draft Designs

At this stage usually two draft outlines of the design are produced. These are discussed and developed with your ideas and comments to make sure you are happy with the design before it is taken further.

Master Plan

Once you have approved the draft proposal, the master plan will be drawn up. Where the work is to be completed by ourselves an outline drawing is generally found to be sufficient but we are happy to draw up more detailed plans if required.

Construction Details

Construction drawings and specifications can be drawn up if your design requires this.

Planting Plans

Taking your preferences and the conditions in your garden into account, planting plans can be drawn up showing key plants and their positions. Alternatively if an area is reasonably straight forward we  can assess directly what plants are required making this a cheaper option.

Building your garden

When it comes to constructing your garden we can manage the project on your behalf. We carry out basic construction tasks ourselves and hire and co-ordinate trusted contractors for the more specialised hard landscaping work. We will supervise their work ensuring it meets the design and relevant building standards and will source and co-ordinate the supply of materials if this is required.

Once the building work has been completed soil will be bought in or improved if this is required. We will then install lawns, features such as water feature and carry out the planting to complete the garden.


We are happy to be involved in the aftercare of your garden. We can provide advice and guidance on what should be done and when, or carry out maintenance for you. This could be in the form of a few visits per year to carry out jobs such as digging and pruning or a more form of garden maintenance.